Thursday, May 14, 2009

Springing in.

Today is Bike/Walk to Work Day. Lots of stuff going on in Minneapolis. Normally, I volunteer for these types of events, but this year I had to turn it down in order to get the last bit of work done in the office before my San Francisco trip. I did, however, ride to work... as I try to as often as possible. Restaurants and Bicycle Shops were doling out free coffee and breakfast, so I grabbed my favorite mug (from Birchwood/Peace Coffee) to take along.

(my mug.)

(just got home.)

(basking in the sun before more work.)

I decided that since it was such a nice day, and because after I officially finish my last hour of work from home I'd have nothing to do but laundry - that I definitely had time to snap a couple pictures of some of my latest finds.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Out of Town Thrifting

I am headed to San Francisco in less than a week.
I realize I haven't posted much in the last month, but you can SURELY expect some fantastic fashion coming out of this awesome coastal city.
I have been forewarned that I should bring lots and lots of money for thrifting, and I fully intend to do so.
Stay tuned for beautiful wares and wears.