Tuesday, October 9, 2012

shop shop shop.

I met up with a girlfriend today for coffee. We talked and drank seasonally appropriate flavored lattes and when that wasn't enough, we shopped.

There's a Buffalo Exchange down the street, which I didn't know was a chain until I visited San Francisco about 5 years ago and saw one on EVERY STREET CORNER. So, it's a chain consignment shop, but a good one. They are very picky about what they buy, so if you're not into the trends they're looking for, you'll leave empty handed.

I thought that'd be me today, after everything I tried on looked ridiculous. Today's trends are not geared toward the curvy girl, except that pencil skirts and high waists have come back, and for that I'm grateful. I've rocked those for years.

Sarah, on the other hand, found a handful of gems.

As we were walking to the check out to... check her out, I stumbled upon the accessories. And hence, my credit card was drawn from it's sheath.

My take:

 Elliott Lucca Tote with cross-body strap $25

Amazing felted fall hat $8

glittery peter pan collar necklace $8

also looks great sideways, for an alternate wearing.

I am most excited about the Elliott Lucca bag. These retail for over $200, and this one is in great shape. I've been wanting a gray purse for quite some time. I don't really own a neutral bag. Purses are one area I prefer to pop. I have a hand-me-down Kate Spade bright red tote, a thrifted ($28) lime green Coach handbag, and a handful of yellow, blue and various other shades of non-neutrals. This is a score. 

And just for kicks, here's what I wore to our coffee date, as photographically documented in the fitting room mirror like a true champ:

I got this terry cloth dress at Mighty Swell, a vingage pop up shop here in Minneapolis, this past weekend. It's extremely springy, but I managed to fit it into this very autumnal day by pairing it with a gray wool cardigan (by Icebreaker! MY FAVORITE), gray sweater tights from Target, and my trusty Frye campus boots from the 70s and pulled it together with a multi-colored vintage belt with a leather strap that echos the boots and a fun little flower broach that brought a pop of orange to the outfit. 

I'm also thinking of cutting off all my hair. The hair I've been growing out. And, like, REALLY cutting it, like this:

Can I pull it off? 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

for habit.

Oh habits. Oh blue jean habits.

I want to update you, blog. I also want to show you something other than jeans, but I can't. My life is so full of casual activities these days, and I haven't broken out my fall boots yet.

To Do: Fall Boots.

And so, I bring you a little ketchup and mustard to this most basic outfit.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The New-New

Well, it's been a few years hasn't it?

We're just receiving the few first crisp fall days here in Minnesota after what was arguable the hottest, driest, and therefore grossest summers of my existence.

Fall is so romantic: the sweaters, the tights, the hats, the boots, the possibilities.

All of those layers leave so much room for play.

My goal this fall is to attempt to wear most everything in my closet. You know, because I have 3 of them. And a dresser. And a series of baskets... and I mostly have fallen into a trap of wearing nothing but jeans and t-shirts again. Like today...

 It's time to shake things up.