Sunday, March 8, 2009

Experiment in Color

Yesterday I was headed to a showing of my friend Jessi's dance troupe : Wicked Sister. Knowing I'd be sitting in a theater style chair for 2 hours, I had to think comfortable. I'm not extremely artistic in anyway, but I figured being around arty types, I could use some sort of bright obnoxious color that I wouldn't normally wear anywhere else and see if it worked.

I, of course, anchored it with something boring so I would feel more comfortable.

I might have been wise to cut my head off in this picture. That deer in the headlights thing isn't working for me. However, as an explanation, my camera was literally FALLING from it's perch as this picture was taken. I love my camera, and I would take a bullet for it.

This is a locket I found at a garage sale a million years ago. I'm guessing it was a watch at some point, but that piece is gone. Now, I can put things in there if I want. Like lifesavers.

I always need lifesavers.

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