Saturday, April 4, 2009


As I said, Spring has sprung. The sun is showing up a little more often these days and so is the trash that jerky litterbugs thought they could hide under the snow. Sunny yet brisk afternoons make me want to throw open the windows and clean. I didn't do that, but I did, for the first time ever in my life... do this.

(I don't condone people who put their dogs in clothes. I think it's gross. But my dog is very handsome and he wanted a spring accessory. He told me.)
Yesterday, I brought a bag of things to consign at Nu Look. I did a little shopping while they sorted my things and I certainly had Spring on my mind.

I realized I literally have very few warm season clothes that fit me. I scoured the racks for cute tank tops and light sweaters, trying to stay open minded about color, something you get used to when you shop thrift or consignment either way.

Thrift Shopping Rule #1: Do not wear make up to shop. EVER.
That goes for you retail ladies too, because it sucks to get your gross make up stains on the necks of brand new shirts, but also because you're cheating yourself out of things that make you look good. You should go to the stores fresh faced, as in... your skin. No foundation, nothing. That way, when you try things on, you are able to pay attention to the color. Does it wash you out? Does it bring out your eyes? Exaggerate red spots? You get the point.

I tried on quite a few colors I would never have picked for myself, but still thought they wouldn't work. Mostly, because I'm drawn to yellow, mustard and gold in things, (I'm a Leo and a sun sign.) but that color looks horrible on me in my winter skin. Give me 2 months in the sun, and we'll try again.

I landed on a couple things in boring gray, (clockwise from top left) a long sleeve tissue-tee from J Crew to get me through the transitional weather. A ruched tux-esque tank from Diesel. The diamond in the rough was a BRAND NEW tank from Free People (one of my favs) that just reminds me of South America for some reason, and I love it. Topped the pile off with a pair of REALLY well fitting jeans for $8, which apparently retail at Kohl's, so I'll be headed there.

The accessories were the tops though.

I picked up these adorable spring Mary Janes by Kenzie. They're surprisingly comfortable for being so cute.





Dun Dun Dun Duhhhhhhhh!

$50. No pen marks on the lining (yet), no nothing. Perfect shape. I love Nu Look.

My sister is currently judging my "arrival" into adulthood and says I'm finally there. I would have though when it was my 18th birthday and the subsequent decade to follow, plus the man, the kid, the dog, the house, etc.
But no, because I have something that came in a little blue box (Tiffany's) and a Coach purse (second hand!) I have arrived. I'm a woman. I can deal with that.
I think what she means is that I'm finally and officially chic and grown up in HER eyes, and it's about time.


  1. i was hoping for a fashion show but ill guess ill settle for this ;)

  2. that purse is amazing! lovess it!! <3