Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weather Advisory.

It is 834475 degrees in Minneapolis today, with an even higher heat index.

...I just had to go shopping.

It is a monumentous year, people. The year that - after 15 years of not - I am wearing shorts in public.

Jean Skirt - Banana Republic [$0 - score from Steph]

High-waisted Jean shorts - Homemade (1940s) [$40]

Madras Shorts - The Limited [$12]

Cropped Cuff Jeans - The Gap [$16]

Summer Scarf - Unmarked [$8]

Vintage Jersey Dress - PhaseII [$25]

Vintage Jersey Tank - Kneat Knits - [$6]


  1. HOTPANTS!! (and by that I mean Sexy Shorts!!) Lovin' the blue tank too with hide-and-seek cleavage! Fun!

  2. CUTE CUTE CUTE!! I love your last two posts of the fashion finds. That's awesome you're wearing shorts in public, I have yet to muster up the courage to do that. Ironically, I have no problem wearing skirts and dresses.

    Every time I read a blog with these great vintage finds I get the urge to go shopping!

  3. I digging your style. And everything is so reasonable! Love the high waist shorts...love them, and the jersey dress too. You should check out my friends blog. She's an eclectic thrifter.