Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Day : 2/09/09 Coffee Casual

Green Shawl Sweater (Dolce Vita) + Gray boatneck Tee (lux) + Homemade [but not by me] stretch faux-denim jeans + Leather knee boots (Frye)

My schedule today does not involve much. I'm working from my home office and meeting a colleague for coffee soon before spending the remainder of the afternoon with Justin, my man-friend. Today is a balmy 37 degrees here in Minnesota. It's cloudy, probably going to rain and.. in case you didn't know, it's Monday. For all these reasons I've decided that today needs a pop of color in an otherwise gray world.

I've had this shawl sweater for about 3 years. It's something I picked up at a Savers Thrift Store when I needed something fancy to wear to a Donor Dinner. I wanted to hide my belly (at the time) so I took one piece of the length of the sweater and wrapped it around my waist, securing it with a beautiful vintage brooch. Now that the sweater is aging, it's really more casual chic and pefect for days where your body can't decide between warm and chilly. The gray t-shirt is worn in and soft as silk and these jeans, which are more like leggings and made from a stretch blend fabric with denim like stitching and pockets have never fit me until this month.

It really is amazing the way "fitting" into a pair of pants or a dress feels like such a massive accomplishment. It's an easy way to measure where you are if you are on a weight loss adventure. Not "fitting" into those items however, can be absolutely detrimental to your day and the mood you hold throughout.

I know I've spent hours obsessing in front of my bedroom mirror, tossing clothes here and there because "nothing fits." How often have you said that to yourself? Sometimes, its just about rethinking what you'll wear.

Belly feeling bloated? Wear a cute wrap sweater to hide the evidence. Flat butt? Wear a tiered skirt to add volume. When all else fails, go for a big bold necklace to draw attention up towards your face.

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  1. Love the new blog and your beautiful picture! I would start a fashion blog except that there would be nothing to say but "Oh lord, what does she have on today?!"