Sunday, February 8, 2009

Per Diem Fashion - Introduction

Clothing has always been a fixture in my life. Aside from the fact that if I'm not wearing it, I get awkward stares, I have worked with clothing in some capacity throughout every job I've held. I am a literal thrift store junkie. I spend countless hours putting together outfits for absolutely no reason, and 12 months ago, I never would have worn them.

In the last year I've lost 50 pounds. My body transformation has sparked a new sense of style that has always been buried deep to surface.

I believe in the link between clothing, style and body confidence. The right dress really will make you more likeable... but only because of the mental effect it has on you.

I'd love for this blog to spark inspiration, give some easy wardrobe cues and drum up conversation. My plan is to photographically document my day to day wear, dole out unqualified advice on how to dress for your body shape and discuss my opinions on fashion trends. Also expect to see photographic evidence of the ultra-fashionable people about town in Minneapolis!

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