Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Hair.

Life has slowed down significantly, at least for today, so I'm back. Unfortunately I have been forgetting my camera every time I want it, so I don't have anything exciting for you.

I got a haircut on Friday. Here's what I wore to my appointment, or rather... all day on Friday.

Long-sleeved black tee (Target), Dark indigo AG Jeans (the nicole!), Vintage red flats, two black necklaces (one from old navy, one plastic costume pearls)

I'm giggling a little bit thinking about how many of these "outfit" pictures will be in my kitchen, leaning up against the sink. I spend about 10 minutes there each morning, just standing, drinking coffee. It is the first place the sun really hits in the morning, so it makes for good picture taking, but it's also just a relaxing spot for me to review my agenda for the day, take a peek in the fridge and think about what I might eat, and I just also think my kitchen is cute. It makes it easy to hang out in there.

Here's a picture of my haircut, first thing in the morning. It's definately a wash-and-go style, so I'm VERY pleased with that.

It's pretty short and shaggy and I have bangs again. It's rather boy-ish, which is fine with me. I actually love it, and I'm very happy with it. I can tell some of the people who love me don't like it so much, but these are people who prefer me to have long hair, so... if they want to make my long hair look nice, I'll grow it back. In the mean time, I'm going to be rocking a LOT of huge obnoxious earrings, because you'll be able to see them!

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