Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vita.MN Hotness Party : Danger - Curves Ahead

This is me and Little Joe. You can't really see him, but his outfit was the best. He made his own shirt that says "Lexus of Wayzata" which is only funny if you're from MN. Tossed on a suit coat and a pair of jeans, great look. I opted to get out of my comfort zone and wear something far more form fitting than I'm used to wearing in public. The Frye boots reappeared, a vintage slip in soft pink with tan accents, gray extra long cardigan from Target and various jewelry I've collected over the years.

I only felt uncomfortable for the first hour or so, then I started to embrace the shape.


  1. You totally excluded your ultra fashionable lady friend from this post!

  2. You were too busy peeing to be in this picture.